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Friday, May 28, 2010

Peach Roses

My friend and I have always said we don't like roses. They are too common. One day, she told me a rose in her garden made her start to like roses. I thought she was being to lenient and not standing by her beliefs! But then a forgotten peach rose bush in my backyard showed me how wrong I've been and how special roses can be! I think its the color (I'm currently in an orange phase) and the sheer size of the blossoms.

Each blossom is larger than my fist!

It's like staring into a work of art.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tokyo Rail Dish Set

Every once in a while, a friend gets you something that is just perfectly you! I was super happy when I opened a package and found this super cute dish set that lists different subway rail lines in Tokyo. It brought back so many memories of being in my favorite city of all time. I love the simple style, the colors and the nostalgia it brings every time I look at it.

Drawer Set

I finally realized what people love in antique shopping. Its finding that one thing that is just so unique and special and makes you happy every time you look at it. That's how I felt when I found this wooden drawer set (hurray for white!) with porcelin drawers. Each drawer has a different pattern. Of course, this isn't an antique though, and I didn't pay antique prices for it, so its all the love with none of the guilt!

Cherry Blossom Placemats

I'm a huge cherrly blossom fan, so when I found these placemats at BB&B for only $2.99 each, I bought a whole set!

There's a different pattern on the back. Two looks for the price of one!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pink Arrangement

I received the prettiest pink arrangement for my birthday! This pink roses, carnations, and alstromeria arrangment came in a pink vase with a pink pearl bracelet.

The carnations actually have playful stripes of hot pink. It reminds me of an ice cream parlor!